This collection is a mix of multi-media prints spawned from my love/obsession with the physicality of guns.  Each piece is based on a gun that I handled while drawing it, and I do it that way because I am interested in capturing the character of the gun by paying attention to every last detail of its body. 

I was commissioned to draw targets for a company that designs shooting ranges. This was the first commissioned project I took on that truly challenged my drawing skills. I had a blast drawing them because I had to get creative in order to turn a hippie into a walker.

When I was at the University of Utah, I went through a phase where all I wanted to draw was aliens.  I spent hours doing research on existing theories as well as coming up with my own ideas around abduction, cities, space ships, and what each species looks like.  Most of the pieces are copper etchings with relief rolls. 

I've always admired tattoo artists and their work and have been inspired by traditional flash art.  For this series I started with a basic flash art sketch and then ,using different methods, printed over the top of the flash making it a one-off so to speak.  I enjoy finding ways to add new school twists to traditional ideas. 

I prefer to mix medias in my prints, so it can become difficult to categorize them into mediums.  This is a collection of my favorite prints, and they are each a combination of collagraph, etching, chine colle, and/or relief . 

When creating a collagraph I love using lace, grit and modeling paste.  The same plates I made in class at the U have reappeared in many pieces.  I find that organic texture is sometimes the perfect way to tie a print together. 

Etching on copper is my favorite medium.  I enjoy the texture that open-biting brings to a print, so I will often etch a plate for half an hour or more at a time.  By reclaiming the parts I love and pushing the plate further still, I have created prints that are both complex and organic.  Some even resemble velvet paintings because of the way the ink layers in the grooves of the plate.