What is the Hex Press?

The Hex Press is a small but mighty team of artists on a mission to share their love of printmaking with the world.  Anna Hansen and Tia Brady originally became friends while in the same Fine Arts program at the University of Utah in 2008. After graduating, Anna moved to Fullerton, CA to teach art and maintain a studio at an art colony.  It was here that she learned to print relief on fabric and developed the Hex Press, inspired by the style of fellow printmakers, Drive By Press.  She found a press that she was able to transport and set up nearly anywhere.  She carved linoleum blocks and brought blank apparel to print what the customer wanted on demand!  Anna moved back to Salt Lake City, Utah and met up with Tia in 2013 to do an event together. The two reeled in Tia's husband, Bo, by taking him on as an apprentice.  They adopted a busy schedule of small events, farmer's markets and Comic Con's and were thrilled to not only be making income as artists but to be spreading the joy of printmaking all over Salt Lake City.

After their epic honeymoon, The Brady's decided to move to Maui in early 2016.  The Hex Press is thriving and busy as ever in Salt Lake City, adding an aspiring young artist Jen Vitangeli to the roster. Expect to see some of her style at upcoming shows!  

The Brady's founded The Hex Press Maui and have been building their inventory of designs.  They recently acquired their own version of Anna's press and have since started printing!  Follow us for more info!