Want a custom job?  Check out our process below!


Step One: Design

Each design is drawn by hand.  Depending on the needs of the image we'll draw directly on the block or design it digitally and transfer the design.   Prices here will vary based upon design needs (reference material, design time etc. . . ) as well as overall size of the design. 

Design Methods:

Charcoal and pencil are our typical weapons of choice when drawing directly on the block and finishing it off with marker (so it doesn't rub off during carving).  When drawing digitally we use an iPad Pro w/ Pencil and multiple Adobe sketch apps.  

Step Two: Carve

Once we're satisfied with the design we can begin to carve.  Utilizing a variety of u-gouge and v-gouge wood carving tools; each design is carved out by hand.  Prices here can vary depending on intricacy of the design and overall size. 

Step Three: Print

After carving is complete and test prints are satisfied we can print!  Each item's block is individually inked, cleaned and printed one at a time by hand.  Prices here can vary based on a few factors: how many prints, materials provided, color or black and white etc. . . 

Base Prices


***All design prices will vary based on a variety of factors.  For a more accurate estimate please email @ thehexpressmaui@gmail.com for further info.  Mahalo***


Size         Base Price

4 X 6              $100.00

5 X 7               $125.00

8 X 10              $200.00

9 X 12              $300.00

12 X 12             $600.00

12 X 18             $800.00