Tia Brady

     Tia is a local artist who graduated from the University of Utah in May 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Printmaking is her passion, and is skilled in Intaglio, Relief, Monotype, and Silkscreen. She also has experience with Illustrator and Photoshop, so her style and capabilities are versatile. She has done posters, fliers, and business cards for multiple local businesses, as well as custom T-shirts. 

     Her favorite medium by far is intaglio etching on copper. Having developed a style that is rather heavy and emotional...this is a result of experiments where the plates are completely over-etched (sometimes all the way through the copper!) while attempting to control the chaos and incorporating the "happy accidents" into the finished product. She's used hack saws to shape the copper plates, which is exactly as time-consuming as it sounds! The possibilities are endless, and that is precisely what fuels her passion for the trade.

     Since moving to Maui in Spring of 2016 she has worked diligently to launch her business The Hex Press Maui with her husband Bo.  The Hex Press began in Salt Lake City, UT with fellow artist Anna Hansen and she's been aching to get it started out here.  They frequent Kihei 4th Friday and Wailuku 1st Friday (most recently) among printing from their home to fulfill online orders.




Bo Brady

     Bo is a native of Utah, born in Price and met the love of his life in Salt Lake City, UT.  Inspired by her zest for Printmaking Bo has started to learn the ins and outs of Printmaking since he met her in 2012. Observing and learning from Tia and countless other artists he has blossomed in the field.    

     Spending countless nights at the shop, SaltGrass Printmakers (closely monitored be fellow artists Tia Brady, Anna Hansen, Stefani Dykes, Erik and Sandy Brunvand, and most recently Koichi Yamamoto) he has merely scratched the surface of the art form.

     He is usually working with his wife Tia and their business partner Anna Hansen with their endeavor with TheHexPress.  He has picked up lino block carving very quickly and very much enjoys the process. He has recently learned to to work with copper and intaglio printing is something he can't wait to sink his teeth into.

     His most recent move to Maui has excited his creative spirits and he's excited to be a large part of The Hex Press and now Hex Press Maui team.